Creation of the Universe

Nature laid alone. With no worth to do, she was asleep. But even while asleep, the cycle of customary changes and actions with in her continued and these changes in their course produced a point a lightened dot. This point slowly began to grow. The bright glory grew to a great luminous halo. Then, an infinitely powerful primal creator a supreme being was born out of this halo, and it began to create universe. these arose a conclusion in nature- she awakened and was astonished and awed to see this being who was stronger that even nature herself. She was shaken with fear at his strength.

Nature now look up the incarnation of Mahamaya (the great illusionary) and lured the supreme being to her. he in turn left upon her the duty of maintaining his entire creation. So, through the supreme being is stronger than Nature, it can not act contrary to nature. Punichments come down upon those who try to transgress her low. Mahamaya and the Power of the supreme being, known as mahamrityunjaya (the great conqueror of death), is omnipresent in nature. this power is the driving force behind all created thing. This divine force with in the living being gradully unfolds itself under the careful hands of nature. When this force has reached a developed stage, the being endeavours to know itself-archives immortality and becomes one with the super force, the mahamrityunjaya. From its birth, all living beings are bound by the mahamaya (the controlling force of the Universe) and they grow and increase in strength under her care. Traversing through the joys and agonies of countless births and lives, the living being feels weary and desperate. The secret divine strength in its then being to manifest itself, and makes the living being envisage a new path where all glory and happiness lie. The strength within the living being than leaves wordly attachment and unities with the great life force and is made immortal for this material world. Creation is just the expression of that immense force and consciousness, religion is the science of the realization of it. It begins with sanyas (asceticism) and vairagya (renunciation) ends in salvation of the spirit, which is the final repose of all living being.