Our Goals

a) To work for the old ancient system of Himalyan meditation and philosophy to bring harmony and prosperity in the society and organise seminar,conference and invite the scholors of the said tradition to impart their wisedom to the humanity.

b) To work for the promotion and disseminate the knowledge of inherent qualities of herbs , stones, water and minerals towards the welfare of the society, in general in Himalayan region and paricularly in kailash manasarovar.

c) To establish , construct, maintain educational institution and research center propagating the ancient system of Indian Philosophy and Himalyan tradition in the area of education , health and economics in India and abroad.

d) To promote Indianart and heritage with special reference to dance , drama , litrature, painting , sculpture and monuments and prepare management plan towards conservation of cultural heritage etc.

e) To document and publish books , pamplets, periodicals , artcals and serialised comic strips related to the object and activities of the trust and not to be used for commercial purposes.

f) To conducts seminars , workshop,training programmes,meetings, lectures and other related activities.

g) TO collaborate with Government,Non-Government.Voluntary and International Organisation working in the field of mass communication, education, rural development , health , environment and culture and undertake such programmes as will help the trust in achieving the objects for which it has been set up.

h) TO stimulate people's involvement and organise community action in the field of social, economic and cultural development.

i) To carry on any of the activities in coorporation or association with any other person , organisation , society or authority and to provide grants and other facilities to any other organisation engaged in similar activities.